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Esme Cardenas

A Potter in the Making, Literally

El Roi Ceramics was born out of my personal struggle and recovery through mental health challenges, while navigating the challenges of being a Christian. I grew up in a Christian environment all my life, now that does not mean it was perfect. Far from it. I was born in Veracruz, Mexico and moved to the U.S. as a young child. My parents worked hard to give us the opportunity of a new life and for that I am eternally grateful. Throughout my life, I have battled anxiety and depression. I am a professional therapist and due to this, I worked very hard to break patterns in my life that I knew were not helping me. Since I was a teenager I knew I wanted to give pottery a try, but my perfectionistic tendencies got in the way of that. After many years of learning, growing pains, healing and practicing a new way of life, I finally dived into pottery. I have not regretted that decision one bit. In pottery, I have found peace, stillness for my mind, a growing relationship with my Creator and Healer; a new me and a huge part of my purpose. In this space, I combine Christian mental health with pottery, all with the hope that what I have learned can be used by others in their healing. I am still new to pottery and still developing this skill. I thank you for supporting me through this process and I pray that you are blessed through each piece, through each message or through each experience that I share.

My biggest desire is that anyone that suffers, struggles and/or that seems to believe that they are not good enough of a Christian, of a person, that they may know that God is love. If that's you, please know, He loves you. He sees you. He wants to be with you. You are worthy, you matter and you were created with purpose like each pottery piece is.

Raw Clay
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